Meet the Chiropractor

  • Dr.
    Joseph Neunder

    Meet the Doctor :

    Sarasota Spinal Mechanics, in Sarasota Florida, is headed by Chiropractic Physician Dr. Joseph M. Neunder, or simply Dr. Joe for short.  Dr. Joe moved to Sarasota when he was thirteen-years-old, growing up and graduating from Pine View School.  He continued his secondary education in the Florida public university system, before earning his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Life University in Marietta, Georgia.  Dr. Joe and his family returned to Sarasota in 2009 in order to treat the community he considers home.  This personal attachment to Sarasota and its residents is reflected in the way Dr. Joe practices Chiropractic medicine.  Dr. Joe truly wants to help his patients feel better and takes significant one-on-one time with each visit - outlining a treatment plan that is no-more and no-less than recovery requires.  Sarasota Spinal Mechanics prides itself on being a part of the Sarasota community and we look forward to adding a personal and comforting touch to your spinal healthcare. We specialize in treating Sciatica, Low back pain, Neck pain, headaches, Auto injury and Sports injury. Our services include chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, manual traction, nutrition and wellness care.

    Why Dr. Neunder became a Sarasota Chiropractor :

    Dr. Joe truly wanted to help people feel better. He takes time and has a genuine concern for the health of his patients. We are a family owned business, and have a vested interest in our community. Sarasota Spinal Mechanics is  a Sarasota chiropractic clinic dedicated to the community.  That doesn't mean your visit will cost you more, it means that Dr. Joe will only work closely and one of one with each patient. The experience is more personal and comfortable for the patients. No matter if you are experiencing Sciatica, Low back pain, Neck pain, Headaches, TMJ Pain Auto injury and or Sports injury we can help. 'We are trying to get back to the origins of healthcare. Doctors used to be a friend, someone who cared, and someone who was trusted.'  -Practice Manager at SMM